Iliff Underground is all about work space, opened in September of 2020 to provide work space to the Aurora community.  A comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to help free your creativity is our essential aim.  If you need an open area to work or a dedicated desk of your own or a private office or studio, Iliff Underground is equipped to meet your need.  Because collaboration can be the catalyst for inspiration, it is designed with that in mind, an easy place to work with your team or collaborate with other members should you choose.

Iliff Underground is the perfect escape if you need a place to get more done.  Small start ups that need to keep costs low can have a place to work without the expense of a traditional office lease.  All utilities and high speed internet are included as well as other amenities.  Whichever membership you choose, you get to enjoy the benefits of a much larger space for no extra cost, and you don’t have to commit to a long term lease.  Come let your creativity sore while enjoying the comfortable atmosphere of Iliff Underground.